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Bin Discharger / Bin Activator Product Profile

Carman Vibrating Bin Dischargers eliminate hopper flow problems including bridging and ratholing by using vibratory action to promote bin flow for many materials with challenging flow properties.

beauty shot of vibrating bin activatorIndividually engineered for each application, the unique design of the Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger allows easy installation and, like all Carman equipment, is Built To Deliver™.

To ensure proper application, Carman engineers carefully analyze the flow properties of your product or raw material in our laboratory or with rental equipment in your facility. Performance of a Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger is guaranteed.

Bin Flow Problems

Here are two of the most common bin flow problems:

eliminate bin bridgingBridging

A no-flow condition in which the headload of the stored material results in a “bridge” or “arch” formation in the bin or the hopper section of the bin.

eliminate bin ratholingRatholing

A condition in which the stored material does not slough into the central flow stream for discharge and instead forms a core. Problems associated with ratholing include flooding, substantial variation of density in product, and eventually, no-flow.

Carman Bin Discharging Solutions

Carman Vibrating Bin Dischargers offer proven performance advantages including elimination of the two most common bin flow problems:

carman industries vibrating bin discharger flowEliminate Bridging and Ratholing

The Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger eliminates ratholing by increasing the effective hopper outlet size while the unit’s internal pressure cone eliminates bridging.


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Expanded Flow

After the bin is initially filled (t=O), the Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger will typically expand the channel of flowing product to its diameter. When the product in the center has been sufficiently lowered, the product along the upper/outer walls sloughs off into the flowing channel of product and the cycle repeats (assumes that the bin is not simultaneously being refilled).

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