Other Carman Products

Carman has solutions to specialized processing problems including densifying, portion feeding, and drying with blending. Carman tackles tough processing problems by applying application expertise gained from working with hundreds of materials with a variety of unique characteristics, so if you don’t see your solution on this website, please contact us for more information.

Auger Portioners

Carman Auger Portioners provide controlled feed rates to downstream equipment in a dependable, easy to maintain design.

Tumble-Tube Processors

The Carman Tumble-Tube Processor is a vibratory version of a rotary drum – with options available you can’t get on a rotary drum. The vibratory action of the machine causes product to circulate in a similar fashion to the circulation in a rotary drum and is ideal for material that does not fluidize readily. Examples include large, wet flakes or leafy material. The Tumble-Tube has a large working volume and is therefore ideal for applications requiring extended residence times.

The Tumble-Tube Processor is an excellent blender. When material conveys halfway up the side of the cylinder, it slides down and across to the far side. This sliding, shearing action creates excellent blending. In addition, the vibratory action of the machine is ideal for sifting fine particles down into the bed when blending materials with widely dissimilar particle sizes, for example, when blending a small percentage of talc onto plastic pellets.

The Tumble-Tube Processor is best used in the following types of applications:

  • Falling rate drying applications
  • Long residence time reaction application
  • Vacuum drying
  • Materials that are unfluidizable by normal means
  • Blending applications