Customer Service

Carman offers many services to help determine the optimal solution for your handling or processing need.

Product Testing

Our complete laboratory and testing facility allows us to analyze solutions to your handling or processing problems prior to – and during – equipment design. This ensures proper performance on-the-job. If your materials can’t come to Carman, we have equipment available for on-site testing. Click here for more information.

Field Service

Carman Industries maintains a complete Service Department. We will provide a Field Service Representative(s) to inspect Carman equipment, recommend maintenance and operational procedures and oversee required repairs, if necessary. Click here for more information.

Quality Control

Carman equipment is routinely inspected at strategic stages of assembly until completion. It then receives final inspection and is dynamically tested. After installation and prior to start of full production, all Carman equipment is inspected and test run by regional Carman representatives located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Carman Directory

A company directory is available online. Click here for more information.

Request More Information

Carman has literature available on all products with case history and dimension sheets available on many products. Click here for more information.